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Booyah Networks is a digital advertising and marketing company. Through Booyah and SpotXchange brands, the company offers digital advertising efforts to reach customers.

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Network Intelligence

The network data shown here is also available via our Data Feed API. Network intelligence to help deliver better digital experiences to end users and businesses.

Netify Data Feeds

For real-time analysis, Netify also provides a deep packet inspection (DPI) engine that integrates with firewalls, quality-of-service (QoS) engines, and other network tools.

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Primary Domains


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Platform Usage Summary

SaaS # of IPs
Logo Email Studio 1
CDNs # of IPs
Logo Akamai 403

IP Details

Booyah Advertising Network

IP ASN Description ASN Route Location Shared Spotx Inc. AS11742 United States Spotx Inc. AS11742 United States Spotx Inc. AS11742 United States SpotXchange Inc AS132134 Singapore SpotXchange Inc AS132134 Singapore
and 291 more

Platform Details

Cloud Software-as-a-Service

IP Platform Network Owner Network Location Shared - Logo Email Studio Akamai Chicago United States

Content Delivery Networks - CDNs

IP Platform Network Owner Network Location Shared - Logo Akamai - - Hong Kong - Logo Akamai - - Brazil - Logo Akamai - - Guatemala - Logo Akamai Logo Akamai Rome Italy - Logo Akamai Logo Akamai Palermo Italy - Logo Akamai Logo Akamai London United Kingdom - Logo Akamai Logo Akamai Glattbrugg Switzerland - Logo Akamai Logo PLDT Core Network Philippines - Logo Akamai Logo Samsung SDS Core Network South Korea - Logo Akamai Logo Telefonica Core Network Brazil - Logo Akamai Logo Vocus Core Network Australia
and 393 more

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