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Detection Information

The following page provides details on the application and list of hostnames associated with the pv-cdn.net domain. You can access the full data set via the Netify Data Feed API.

Associated Application

Amazon Video - Streaming Media
Amazon Video - Logo

Amazon Video is an Internet video on demand service that is developed, owned, and operated by Amazon

Category Streaming Media
Application Info Amazon Video

The *.pv-cdn.net domain is associated with the Amazon Video application.

Notable Hostnames

  • cf-trickplay.aux.pv-cdn.net
  • pop-es-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • cf-timedtext.aux.pv-cdn.net
  • pop-ca-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • pop-mx-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-1-pop-ca-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • emt-fastly.live.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-2-pop-ca-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-1-pop-es-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abehthfaaaaaaaamjlfnfbmruk33n.shard-1-na-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abjuqttaaaaaaaampx3l5wbe5s6fa.shard-3-eu-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abehthfaaaaaaaamcor6rcy3pacan.na-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-6-pop-es-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-2-pop-es-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-5-pop-es-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-4-pop-es-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • shard-3-pop-es-cf.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abmtlu5aaaaaaaameuw23brfgheyz.na-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abmtlu5aaaaaaaamktc4d62o6dd55.na-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abjuqttaaaaaaaamodevekjhlkdqs.shard-2-eu-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • pop-ca-cf.hls.pv-cdn.net
  • abjuqttaaaaaaaamoseuwd6b452cg.shard-3-eu-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abmtlu5aaaaaaaammguvflvowolxy.na-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • cf-us-popular.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abjuqttaaaaaaaamdovmz45uhmn4t.shard-2-eu-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • abjuqttaaaaaaaamfun3brpykocbn.shard-3-eu-reg.dash.pv-cdn.net
  • and 28 more
Notable Hostnames Data
The list of notable hostnames come from not only DNS requests, but also HTTP headers, TLS certificates, DNS hinting, and other deep packet inspection methods.

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