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Detection Information

The following page provides details on applications, protocols, hostnames, network point-of-presence, and more. You can access the full data set via the Netify Data Feed API.

IP Stack Summary

Layer Details
Application Broadcom GPS - Logo Broadcom GPS
Platform Edgio - Logo Edgio
Network Edgio - Logo Edgio @ Anycast

Geo Cluster

Top countries connecting to

    South Africa
    United States

IP Info

IP Address On the Edgio Network
Hostname - -
Security Authority *.glpals.com Associated with Broadcom GPS

Routing Info

ASN AS15133
ASN Route
ASN Label Edgecast
Category CDN
Organization Edgio - Logo Edgio
Location Anycast - What is Anycast?
Routing and ASN
The ASN (Autonomous System Number) provides routing and location information for traffic flowing to this IP address.


Broadcom GPS - Technology
Broadcom GPS - Logo

Broadcom develops and supplies semiconductor and infrastructure software solutions. The Broadcom GPS service is an online server system to augment the GPS chipsets found in mobile devices.

Dedicated IP

Some IP addresses can be shared across multiple applications, especially on content delivery networks (CDNs). However, it looks like is dedicated to Broadcom GPS.


Edgio - CDN
Edgio - Logo

Edgio is a content delivery network (CDN) service provider that enables organizations to deliver faster websites, more responsive applications, and quality video. Edgio was formerly known as Limelight Networks and acquired Edgecast.

What is a Platform?
Most applications are built on top of third party platforms and infrastructure: cloud computing, content delivery networks, marketing engines, etc.


Anycast - Logo
Edgio - Anycast
Edgio operates their own in-house network through private data centers and Internet exchanges.
What is Anycast?
Anycast makes it possible to route a single IP address to a variety of different geographic locations. Nifty.

Notable Hostnames

  • gllto2.glpals.com
  • gllto.glpals.com
  • gllto1.glpals.com
Notable Hostnames Data
The list of notable hostnames that were detected on this IP address come from not only DNS requests, but also HTTP headers, TLS certificates, DNS hinting, and other deep packet inspection methods.

Protocol Stats

The following is a sample of protocols that were detected on this IP address.

IP Protocol Protocol Port Byte % Flow % Average Bytes / Flow
TCP HTTP 80 > 99.9+ > 99.9+ 9,300

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