2001:43f8:110::10 - IP Info

Detection Information

The following page provides details on applications, protocols, hostnames, network point-of-presence, and more. You can access the full data set via the Netify Data Feed API.

IP Stack Summary

Layer Details
Application AFRINIC - Logo AFRINIC
Network AFRINIC - Logo AFRINIC @ Core Network

IP Info

IP Address 2001:43f8:110::10 On the AFRINIC Network
Hostname c.in-addr-servers.arpa Associated with Reverse DNS Servers

Routing Info

ASN AS37181
ASN Route 2001:43f8:110::/48
ASN Label AFRINIC Anycast
Category Technology
Organization AFRINIC - Logo AFRINIC
Location South Africa
Routing and ASN
The ASN (Autonomous System Number) provides routing and location information for traffic flowing to this IP address.


AFRINIC - Technology

African Network Information (AFRINIC) is one of the five regional Internet registries that allocate and administer IP addresses.

Dedicated IP

Some IP addresses can be shared across multiple applications, especially on content delivery networks (CDNs). However, it looks like 2001:43f8:110::10 is dedicated to AFRINIC.


Core Network - Logo
AFRINIC - Core Network
AFRINIC operates their own in-house network through private data centers and Internet exchanges.
AFRINIC manages the underlying network for this corner of the Internet.

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