AWS Global Accelerator - Platform Information

Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on AWS Global Accelerator. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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AWS Global Accelerator is a networking service that improves the performance of network traffic. The solution optimizes the path of applications to keep packet loss, jitter, and latency consistently low.

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Manage Bandwidth

Do you know how much AWS Global Accelerator traffic flows through your network? Netify's application detection engine and reporting provides insights to help manage your network.

What gets measured, gets managed.

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Applications On AWS Global Accelerator

Name Category  
WhatsApp - Logo WhatsApp Messaging App Info
Amazon - Logo Amazon Business App Info
CNN - Logo CNN News App Info
Snapchat - Logo Snapchat Messaging App Info
ESPN - Logo ESPN Sports App Info
Amazon Advertising - Logo Amazon Advertising Advertiser App Info
Electronic Arts - Logo Electronic Arts Games App Info
UserEngage - Logo UserEngage Business App Info
comScore - Logo comScore Advertiser App Info
Nintendo - Logo Nintendo Games App Info
Intercom - Logo Intercom Advertiser App Info
Time Synchronization - Logo Time Synchronization Technology App Info
Stripe - Logo Stripe Financial App Info
Edmodo - Logo Edmodo Career and Education App Info
PubMatic - Logo PubMatic Advertiser App Info
Government of Canada - Logo Government of Canada Government App Info
Yandex - Logo Yandex Portal App Info
HP - Logo HP Business App Info
The Trade Desk - Logo The Trade Desk Advertiser App Info
Wolters Kluwer - Logo Wolters Kluwer Financial App Info
Epic Games - Logo Epic Games Games App Info
Cisco - Logo Cisco Business App Info
Freshdesk - Logo Freshdesk Business App Info
Datto - Logo Datto Business App Info
Signal - Logo Signal Messaging App Info
RingCentral - Logo RingCentral VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Panda Security - Logo Panda Security Cybersecurity App Info
Bloomberg - Logo Bloomberg News App Info
Amobee - Logo Amobee Advertiser App Info
Lijit Popups - Logo Lijit Popups Malware App Info
Intuit - Logo Intuit Financial App Info
Huawei - Logo Huawei Business App Info
Yealink - Logo Yealink VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Freshworks - Logo Freshworks Business App Info
Grammarly - Logo Grammarly Career and Education App Info
Amplitude - Logo Amplitude Advertiser App Info
Disney - Logo Disney Arts and Entertainment App Info
GoDaddy - Logo GoDaddy Hosting App Info
Sonos - Logo Sonos Device/IoT App Info
Zoho - Logo Zoho Business App Info
Netgear - Logo Netgear Device/IoT App Info
UK Government - Logo UK Government Government App Info
jQuery - Logo jQuery Technology App Info
HBO - Logo HBO Streaming Media App Info
Nvidia - Logo Nvidia Business App Info
Rhino Entertainment - Logo Rhino Entertainment Arts and Entertainment App Info
Syncplicity - Logo Syncplicity File Sharing App Info
Ring - Logo Ring Device/IoT App Info
FreeBSD - Logo FreeBSD OS/Software Updates App Info
Trimble MAPS - Logo Trimble MAPS Business App Info
Opensignal - Logo Opensignal Advertiser App Info
Amazon Alexa - Logo Amazon Alexa Business App Info
Polycom - Logo Polycom VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Citrix - Logo Citrix Business App Info
MarkMonitor - Logo MarkMonitor Business App Info
ShareFile - Logo ShareFile File Sharing App Info
Government of Australia - Logo Government of Australia Government App Info
Check Point - Logo Check Point Cybersecurity App Info
Twilio - Logo Twilio VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Gameloft - Logo Gameloft Games App Info - Logo Recreation App Info
Ghostery - Logo Ghostery Cybersecurity App Info
Tesla - Logo Tesla Business App Info
Agafurretor Adware - Logo Agafurretor Adware Malware App Info
IBM Trusteer - Logo IBM Trusteer Cybersecurity App Info
Autodesk - Logo Autodesk Business App Info
NBA - Logo NBA Sports App Info
ChurnZero - Logo ChurnZero Advertiser App Info
Pitney Bowes - Logo Pitney Bowes Business App Info
SiriusXM - Logo SiriusXM Arts and Entertainment App Info
Blue Jeans - Logo Blue Jeans VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Instructure - Logo Instructure Career and Education App Info
Tealium - Logo Tealium Advertiser App Info
Appcues - Logo Appcues Advertiser App Info
LaunchDarkly - Logo LaunchDarkly Business App Info
Zyxel - Logo Zyxel Device/IoT App Info
Brother - Logo Brother Device/IoT App Info
Amazon Chime - Logo Amazon Chime VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Telaria Video - Logo Telaria Video Advertiser App Info
Samsung Apps - Logo Samsung Apps OS/Software Updates App Info - Logo Advertiser App Info
TripleLift - Logo TripleLift Advertiser App Info
LiveIntent - Logo LiveIntent Advertiser App Info
WarnerMedia - Logo WarnerMedia Arts and Entertainment App Info
Cisco Umbrella - Logo Cisco Umbrella Cybersecurity App Info
Rocket.Chat - Logo Rocket.Chat Messaging App Info
ASUS - Logo ASUS Device/IoT App Info
Rapid7 - Logo Rapid7 Cybersecurity App Info
Zynga - Logo Zynga Games App Info
Sharethrough - Logo Sharethrough Advertiser App Info
AdTheorant - Logo AdTheorant Advertiser App Info
Marin Software - Logo Marin Software Advertiser App Info
Innovid - Logo Innovid Advertiser App Info
Workday - Logo Workday Business App Info
Dahua - Logo Dahua Device/IoT App Info
Okta - Logo Okta Cybersecurity App Info
Vertical Mass - Logo Vertical Mass Advertiser App Info
Instacart - Logo Instacart Shopping App Info
LG - Logo LG Business App Info
Astellas Pharma - Logo Astellas Pharma Business App Info
WatchGuard - Logo WatchGuard Cybersecurity App Info
PagerDuty - Logo PagerDuty Business App Info
ADP - Logo ADP Financial App Info
Fidelity - Logo Fidelity Financial App Info
IPONWEB - Logo IPONWEB Advertiser App Info
Sydney Morning Herald - Logo Sydney Morning Herald News App Info
Binance - Logo Binance Financial App Info
6sense - Logo 6sense Advertiser App Info
Splashtop - Logo Splashtop Remote Desktop App Info
Gong - Logo Gong Advertiser App Info
WorkRamp - Logo WorkRamp Business App Info - Logo Technology App Info
IHS Markit - Logo IHS Markit Financial App Info
Standard Bank - Logo Standard Bank Financial App Info
Coveo - Logo Coveo Business App Info
Bazaarvoice - Logo Bazaarvoice Advertiser App Info
Verizon - Logo Verizon ISP/Telco App Info
Braintree - Logo Braintree Financial App Info
Tableau - Logo Tableau Business App Info
BioCatch - Logo BioCatch Cybersecurity App Info
Samba TV - Logo Samba TV Advertiser App Info
3M Company - Logo 3M Company Business App Info
TekSavvy - Logo TekSavvy ISP/Telco App Info
Videotron - Logo Videotron ISP/Telco App Info
Jamf - Logo Jamf Business App Info
Refinitiv - Logo Refinitiv Financial App Info
Moloco - Logo Moloco Advertiser App Info
GoPro - Logo GoPro Device/IoT App Info
3GPP Network - Logo 3GPP Network Technology App Info
Sinch - Logo Sinch Messaging App Info
PlayFab - Logo PlayFab Games App Info
August Home - Logo August Home Device/IoT App Info
NIH - Logo NIH Government App Info
Whereby - Logo Whereby VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Showtime - Logo Showtime Streaming Media App Info
Airtime - Logo Airtime VoIP/Conferencing App Info
BrightLine - Logo BrightLine Advertiser App Info
Pluto TV - Logo Pluto TV Streaming Media App Info
Tailscale - Logo Tailscale VPN and Proxy App Info
Lark - Logo Lark Business App Info
SurfEasy - Logo SurfEasy VPN and Proxy App Info
Siemens - Logo Siemens Business App Info
Feishu - Logo Feishu Business App Info
SoftBank - Logo SoftBank Business App Info
TVU Networks - Logo TVU Networks Streaming Media App Info
Night Owl - Logo Night Owl Device/IoT App Info
Identity DigitaI - Logo Identity DigitaI Business App Info
USC - Logo USC Career and Education App Info
Agora - Logo Agora Business App Info
Square - Logo Square Financial App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on AWS Global Accelerator.

Internal Networks Deployed By AWS Global Accelerator

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
AWS Global Accelerator - Logo AWS Global Accelerator Anycast - 6416 IPs

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