Azure Front Door - Platform Information

Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on Azure Front Door. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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Azure Front Door is an anycast-based content delivery network (CDN) that is part of the Microsoft cloud computing platform.

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Manage Bandwidth

Do you know how much Azure Front Door traffic flows through your network? Netify's application detection engine and reporting provides insights to help manage your network.

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Applications On Azure Front Door

Name Category  
MSN - Logo MSN Portal App Info
Microsoft - Logo Microsoft Business App Info
Microsoft Office - Logo Microsoft Office Business App Info
CBC - Logo CBC Arts and Entertainment App Info
Minecraft - Logo Minecraft Games App Info
Queen's University - Logo Queen's University Career and Education App Info
LinkedIn - Logo LinkedIn Social Media App Info
Cineplex - Logo Cineplex Arts and Entertainment App Info
Adobe - Logo Adobe Business App Info
Government of Canada - Logo Government of Canada Government App Info
SolarWinds - Logo SolarWinds Business App Info
HP - Logo HP Business App Info
Xerox - Logo Xerox Business App Info
The Trade Desk - Logo The Trade Desk Advertiser App Info
ESET - Logo ESET Cybersecurity App Info
Sophos - Logo Sophos Cybersecurity App Info
Bing Maps - Logo Bing Maps Reference App Info
TeamViewer - Logo TeamViewer Remote Desktop App Info
Xbox - Logo Xbox Games App Info
Microsoft Teams - Logo Microsoft Teams Business App Info
Norton - Logo Norton Cybersecurity App Info
Trend Micro - Logo Trend Micro Cybersecurity App Info
iHeartRadio - Logo iHeartRadio Streaming Media App Info
Yealink - Logo Yealink VoIP/Conferencing App Info
UK Government - Logo UK Government Government App Info
Walmart - Logo Walmart Shopping App Info
Honeywell - Logo Honeywell Device/IoT App Info
Xbox Live - Logo Xbox Live Games App Info
Netatmo - Logo Netatmo Device/IoT App Info
Trimble MAPS - Logo Trimble MAPS Business App Info
iRobot - Logo iRobot Device/IoT App Info
Polycom - Logo Polycom VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Citrix - Logo Citrix Business App Info
Intel - Logo Intel Business App Info
Government of Australia - Logo Government of Australia Government App Info
Sky - Logo Sky ISP/Telco App Info
Kroger - Logo Kroger Shopping App Info
Lexmark - Logo Lexmark Device/IoT App Info
2K Gaming - Logo 2K Gaming Games App Info
Carbonite - Logo Carbonite Business App Info
Microsoft Auth - Logo Microsoft Auth Business App Info
EY - Logo EY Financial App Info
Chunghwa Telecom - Logo Chunghwa Telecom ISP/Telco App Info
AutoTrader - Logo AutoTrader Shopping App Info
Microsoft Games - Logo Microsoft Games Games App Info
InMobi - Logo InMobi Advertiser App Info
American Airlines - Logo American Airlines Business App Info
UPS - Logo UPS Business App Info
RBS - Logo RBS Financial App Info
SAP - Logo SAP Business App Info
U.S. Military - Logo U.S. Military Government App Info
Windows - Logo Windows OS/Software Updates App Info
Visual Studio - Logo Visual Studio Business App Info
Nuance - Logo Nuance Business App Info
Swiftkey - Logo Swiftkey Business App Info
Verizon - Logo Verizon ISP/Telco App Info
Investec - Logo Investec Financial App Info
Commission Factory - Logo Commission Factory Advertiser App Info
Resideo - Logo Resideo Device/IoT App Info
Microsoft Advertising - Logo Microsoft Advertising Advertiser App Info - Logo Cybersecurity App Info
NIH - Logo NIH Government App Info
Gruppo TIM - Logo Gruppo TIM ISP/Telco App Info
SK Telecom - Logo SK Telecom ISP/Telco App Info
Siemens - Logo Siemens Business App Info
OpenAI - Logo OpenAI Business App Info
Mercedes-Benz - Logo Mercedes-Benz Business App Info
Atera - Logo Atera Business App Info
Mercury - Logo Mercury ISP/Telco App Info
Blackbaud - Logo Blackbaud Financial App Info
ClickDimensions - Logo ClickDimensions Advertiser App Info
AIS - Logo AIS ISP/Telco App Info
Hive Streaming - Logo Hive Streaming VoIP/Conferencing App Info
Agora - Logo Agora Business App Info
CommScope - Logo CommScope Device/IoT App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on Azure Front Door.

Internal Networks Deployed By Azure Front Door

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
Azure Front Door - Logo Azure Front Door Core Network - 942 IPs

Partner Networks Used By Azure Front Door

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
Microsoft Azure - Logo Microsoft Azure East US United States 1 IP

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