Tor IPs and Nodes - Ukraine

The following page provides details on the Tor IPs and nodes in Ukraine.

What Is Tor?

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Tor is an open-source software project that aims to enable online anonymity and privacy. It directs Internet traffic through a worldwide volunteer network consisting of thousands of relays to conceal a user's location and usage.

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Network Intelligence

The network data shown here is also available via the Netify Data Feed API. We provide network intelligence to help deliver better digital experiences to end users and businesses.

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Tor - Network Map - Ukraine

70 IPs across 6 Locations
What is a Point of Presence? In order to get information to end users more quickly, many applications are distributed from multiple locations around the globe.

Tor - Top Networks - Ukraine

Network City Category IP Count Sample IP
Virtual Systems - Logo Virtual Systems Hosting 6
Virtual Systems - Logo Virtual Systems Kyiv Hosting 1
Trabia - Logo Trabia Hosting 1
Anexia - Logo Anexia Kyiv Hosting 3

Tor - Other Networks - Ukraine

ASN Label ASN IP Count Sample IP
Green Floid AS15626 6
Virtual Systems AS6698 1
X-City AS51784 2
Zubritska Valeriia Nikolaevna AS207560 2
Denis Pavlovich Semenyuk AS44820 1
FOP Kazakov Oleksandr Oleksandrovich AS45045 3
Svitonline AS42074 1
Mdcloud AS203394 4
Sollutium Eu AS43641 2
Triolan AS13188 1
Freenet AS31148 1
Zemlyaniy Dmitro Leonidovich AS47987 2
Maxnet Tele AS34700 2
Pe Nikolayenko Nikolay Ivanovich AS51824 1
Science Production Enterprise Solver AS15461 1
Epinatura AS207656 24
IP-Connect AS57944 4 2001:67c:440:f887:194:147:140:101
Netassist AS29632 1 2a01:d0:fc27:0:dea6:32ff:fe44:be84

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