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Network Intelligence - Simplified

Simple - Not Simplistic

Network monitoring can’t be done on a human scale anymore - especially when you’re dealing with complex, evolving security threats. Netify’s advanced machine learning simplifies your network traffic analysis, filters out the noise and highlights what matters most.

Your Network, Your Data

Netify provides full transparency into what’s happening on your network - a responsibility we do not take lightly. Find out how we protect your identity and data using zero-knowledge encryption and using crypto-gaps between data silos.

Do Business... Better

Netify lowers the bar for small and medium sized business and distributed enterprise to harness the potential from big data originating from their very own networks by making wise, data-driven decisions in the operation of their business.

Is your network being used by employees for work, play or a mix of both? Netify’s easy-to- use network monitoring tools show you exactly what’s happening on your network so you can bring it in line with company policies and manage employee productivity.
Netify’s advanced machine learning does the heavy lifting for you by sifting through flow data, finding anomalies and bringing your attention to the issues – like suspicious connections, and malware threats – that matter most.
An informed client is a happy client, right? Netify helps show your clients simply and in real-time what’s happening on their network, what issues require attention and empowers you to be proactive instead of reactive against potential threats.


Network Intelligence

Gain awareness and the ability to monitor users, applications and devices in order to make informed technical and business decisions. Learn More »

Cyberthreat Analysis

Cybersecurity defenses are continuously under attack - quickly identify and disrupt attack vectors using analytics and machine learning from Netify. Learn More »

Bandwidth Accounting

Bandwidth monitoring reports analyze traffic flows based on user, application, device, protocol and geographic location. Learn More »

Audit and Forensics

The average cybersecurity breach goes undetected for over 7 months! Netify’s historical reporting can assist in pinpointing breaches. Learn More »

Employee Policy and Productivity

89% of employees admit to wasting some time using the Internet inappropriately while at work - and almost 5% are spending over 50% of their time unproductively! Learn More »

Regulatory Compliance

Regulations like PCI DSS and HIPAA require businesses collect data and make best-efforts to ensure assets within their organization are being used accordingly. Learn More »

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