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Platform Information

Third party applications are hosted on DigitalOcean. The following page provides information on the applications, networks and points-of-presence for providing the hosted service.


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DigitalOcean provides developers cloud services that help to deploy and scale applications that run simultaneously on multiple computers.

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Platforms On DigitalOcean

Name Category  
Section - Logo Section Business Platform Info
Cloudways - Logo Cloudways Hosting Platform Info
The adjacent list of platforms are deployed on DigitalOcean.

Applications On DigitalOcean

Name Category  
Time Synchronization - Logo Time Synchronization Technology App Info
DirecTV - Logo DirecTV Arts and Entertainment App Info
Syncthing - Logo Syncthing File Sharing App Info
Node.js - Logo Node.js Technology App Info
TransUnion - Logo TransUnion Financial App Info
eGloo - Logo eGloo Business App Info
Government of Brazil - Logo Government of Brazil Government App Info
ClearFoundation - Logo ClearFoundation Business App Info
Speedtest - Logo Speedtest Technology App Info
DoubleVerify - Logo DoubleVerify Advertiser App Info
MACVendors - Logo MACVendors Business App Info
ClearOS - Logo ClearOS OS/Software Updates App Info
Xara Cloud - Logo Xara Cloud Business App Info
Shodan - Logo Shodan Cybersecurity App Info
Arcadyan - Logo Arcadyan Device/IoT App Info
Government of Australia - Logo Government of Australia Government App Info
Spamhaus - Logo Spamhaus Cybersecurity App Info
OpenWrt - Logo OpenWrt OS/Software Updates App Info
LastPass - Logo LastPass Business App Info
Peplink - Logo Peplink Device/IoT App Info
Fortinet - Logo Fortinet Cybersecurity App Info
Spybot - Logo Spybot Cybersecurity App Info
SoftEther Web - Logo SoftEther Web VPN and Proxy App Info
Innovid - Logo Innovid Advertiser App Info
Comodo - Logo Comodo Cybersecurity App Info VPN - Logo VPN VPN and Proxy App Info
Flashtalking - Logo Flashtalking Advertiser App Info
Hotspot Shield - Logo Hotspot Shield VPN and Proxy App Info
ViaSat - Logo ViaSat ISP/Telco App Info
Kissmetrics - Logo Kissmetrics Advertiser App Info
WordPress - Logo WordPress Hosting App Info
Ubiquiti - Logo Ubiquiti Device/IoT App Info
UK Government - Logo UK Government Government App Info
Hola VPN - Logo Hola VPN VPN and Proxy App Info
Aruba - Logo Aruba Device/IoT App Info
Ubuntu - Logo Ubuntu OS/Software Updates App Info
Synology - Logo Synology Device/IoT App Info
ICANN - Logo ICANN Technology App Info
Yandex - Logo Yandex Portal App Info
ClearPHONE - Logo ClearPHONE Device/IoT App Info
Section - Logo Section Business App Info
NextDNS - Logo NextDNS Cybersecurity App Info
ADAMnetworks - Logo ADAMnetworks Cybersecurity App Info
Consumable - Logo Consumable Advertiser App Info - Logo Cybersecurity App Info
ByteDance - Logo ByteDance Arts and Entertainment App Info
jQuery - Logo jQuery Technology App Info
ESET - Logo ESET Cybersecurity App Info
RIPE Atlas - Logo RIPE Atlas Technology App Info
WP Engine - Logo WP Engine Hosting App Info
GitHub - Logo GitHub Technology App Info
Amazon Advertising - Logo Amazon Advertising Advertiser App Info
Verisign - Logo Verisign Cybersecurity App Info
pfSense - Logo pfSense Cybersecurity App Info
3CX - Logo 3CX VoIP/Conferencing App Info
IDrive - Logo IDrive File Sharing App Info - Logo Cybersecurity App Info
leanStream - Logo leanStream Streaming Media App Info
CardConnect - Logo CardConnect Financial App Info
Vidazoo - Logo Vidazoo Advertiser App Info
Cloudways - Logo Cloudways Hosting App Info
Tailscale - Logo Tailscale VPN and Proxy App Info
Zabbix - Logo Zabbix Technology App Info
OptinMonster - Logo OptinMonster Business App Info
Mintra - Logo Mintra Business App Info
University of Maryland - Logo University of Maryland Career and Education App Info
The adjacent list of applications are hosted on DigitalOcean.

Internal Networks Deployed By DigitalOcean

Network Point-of-Presence Country IP Count
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Amsterdam 2 Netherlands 3140 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Amsterdam 3 Netherlands 7774 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Bangalore 1 India 2963 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Core Network - 22 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Frankfurt 1 Germany 7681 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean London 1 United Kingdom 6473 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean New York 1 United States 11452 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean New York 2 United States 2142 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean New York 3 United States 8322 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean San Francisco 1 United States 2974 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean San Francisco 2 United States 4212 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean San Francisco 3 United States 5080 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Singapore 1 Singapore 5881 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Sydney 1 Australia 653 IPs
DigitalOcean - Logo DigitalOcean Toronto 1 Canada 3098 IPs

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