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The following page provides details on applications that depend on the Huawei CDN platform, as well as the networks used by Huawei CDN.


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Huawei CDN is a Chinese-based content delivery solution. The solution delivers content from original sources to edge nodes, accelerating content delivery with nearest-node access.

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Applications On Huawei CDN

The following applications use Huawei CDN as a platform.

Category Name  


Tencent QQ - Logo Tencent QQ App Info

Social Media

TikTok - Logo TikTok App Info


Huawei - Logo Huawei App Info

Arts and Entertainment

ByteDance - Logo ByteDance App Info


Vivo - Logo Vivo App Info


Shopee - Logo Shopee App Info

Social Media

Douyin - Logo Douyin App Info


TouTiao - Logo TouTiao App Info


Wangsu - Logo Wangsu App Info


Huawei Cloud - Logo Huawei Cloud App Info


Huawei CDN - Logo Huawei CDN App Info

Social Media

Kwai - Logo Kwai App Info

3rd Party Networks

Huawei CDN uses third party networks to deliver their products and services.

Network Category
China Mobile - Logo China Mobile Network ISP/Telco
China Telecom IDC - Logo China Telecom IDC Network Hosting
China Unicom - Logo China Unicom Network ISP/Telco
CloudFlare - Logo CloudFlare Network CDN
Huawei Cloud - Logo Huawei Cloud Network Hosting
Orange - Logo Orange Network ISP/Telco
Tata Communications - Logo Tata Communications Network ISP/Telco
Vodafone - Logo Vodafone Network ISP/Telco
Zenlayer - Logo Zenlayer Network Hosting

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