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The following page provides details on the Adobe Marketo SaaS solution: network maps, network ranges, PoPs, IPs and applications using the platform.

What Is Adobe Marketo?

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Adobe Marketo Engage helps businesses and marketers streamline their marketing efforts, engage with customers, and drive lead generation and customer retention.

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Application Adobe Marketo - IPs and Domains

Network Intelligence

The network data shown here is also available via the Netify Data Feed API. We provide network intelligence to help deliver better digital experiences to end users and businesses.

Netify Data Feeds

Adobe Marketo - Network Ranges

Adobe Marketo has 1 IPv4 range and no IPv6 ranges defined.

Adobe Marketo - ASNs

AS53580 is the only ASN associated with the Adobe Marketo network.

ASN AS53580
Organization Marketo
Category Advertiser
What is an ASN?
An Autonomous System Number (ASN) is a unique identifier assigned to a collection of IP networks managed by an organization.

Applications Using Adobe Marketo

Name Category  
Dropbox - Logo Dropbox File Sharing App Info
Microsoft - Logo Microsoft Business App Info
Microsoft Office - Logo Microsoft Office Business App Info
Quantcast - Logo Quantcast Advertiser App Info
TeamSnap - Logo TeamSnap Sports App Info
IBM - Logo IBM Business App Info

... and 119 more

The adjacent list of applications use the Adobe Marketo SaaS platform.

Adobe Marketo - Network Map

Adobe Marketo is deployed across 32 countries on 78 PoPs.

Adobe Marketo - Points-of-Presence

Core Networks

Network Category Sample Country IP Count
Akamai - Logo Akamai CDN United States 22
Rackspace - Logo Rackspace Hosting United Kingdom 5
Adobe Ads - Logo Adobe Ads Advertiser United States 71

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