Netify DPI Engine


Open Source DPI for Integrators

Managing modern networks requires insights at the application, protocol, security, and data intelligence layers. Netflow data is good, but DPI provides the metadata to take network and cybersecurity analysis to the next level. If you are looking for a open source deep packet inspection engine to integrate with your solution, then you have come to the right place. Our Netify DPI software has been integrated into firewalls, routers, SD-WAN solutions, IoT gateways, mobile core network engines, virtual probes, software-defined network architectures and other OEM devices.

What Is Netify DPI?

The open source Netify Agent is small footprint engine that performs the underlying deep packet inspection (DPI) and metadata extraction. The analyzed network data is then streamed to an open format which can be consumed by 3rd party applications, firewalls, QoS engines and more. You can find the full feature list further below, and technical details including source code information here.

Signature Management

Deep packet inspection is not a one-time implementation. New applications, protocols, and network security algorithms are constantly evolving. We provide not only regular software engine updates, but also cloud-based tools to manage application signatures for your solution.

  • Tools to create and manage signatures unique to your market and customers
  • Signature management based on geolocation
  • Endpoint signature control
  • Signature intelligence reports
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Netify DPI Features

Open Source

Provides deep packet inspection and network analysis powered by our open source Netify DPI Agent.

Small Footprint

Runs on big iron as well as embedded systems including the Raspberry Pi and OpenWRT devices.

Protocol Detection

Detects detects over 190 protocols including BitTorrent, VPNs, Proxies, VoIP and many others.

Hostname Detection

Unpacks DNS, DHCP, SSL, HTTP and other requests so you can log all hostname lookups on your network. Catch hostname traffic flowing on alternate TCP/UDP ports.

Firewall and QoS Hooks

Provides live flow data in an open format via the Netify agent -- this can be used to provide hooks into firewalls and QoS engines using the Netify Firewall Agent.

Application Detection

Detects apps like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Netflix etc. by mapping DNS lookups, extracting SSL/TLS certificate domain names, SNI hostnames and more.

Cipher Detection

Detects SSL/TLS cipher versions in use so you can catch weak spots on your network. Old ciphers often indicate devices with other security weaknesses.

User Agent Extraction

Extracts user agent information to help provide details about devices on your network: Mobiles, tables, laptops, TVs, IoT devices and more.

Netflow and Bandwidth

Provides standard Netflow data: source and destination IPs, MACs, Layer 4 protocols, IP version, packet counters, byte counters and more.

Compare with Traditional DPI

Netify DPI can be integrated on devices, in containers, and in the cloud.

Traditional DPI Netify DPI
Proprietary Open source
Expensive Affordable
License fees Unencumbered
Inflexible Dynamic and customizable
On-premise only Optional cloud intelligence
Vendor-locked signatures Open and custom signatures

Optional Network Intelligence

The Netify DPI Agent provides a great starting point. As an optional add-on, we complement the on-premise DPI data with cloud-based network intelligence and visibility. Features include:

  • Device Discovery
  • Advanced Risk Analysis
  • Bandwidth Monitoring
  • Hostname Visibility
  • Forensics and Archiving
  • Cloud-based Application Detection
  • AI-based Network Events
  • Connection Tracking

Why Netify DPI?

Lower TCO

No license fees, no vendor lock-in, and lower total cost of ownership. We take care of the regular software updates and signatures, so there's no need spend internal development time and resources.

Next Generation Signature Management

Deep packet inspection is not a one-time implementation. New applications, protocols, and network security algorithms are constantly evolving. Add application signatures via our cloud-based management tool.

Focus on Your Core Product

Developing an in-house DPI solution is time consuming and expensive. Focus on your product and solutions, and we'll take care of the rest. Get started with Netify DPI today.

Open Source, Open Integration

Do you want to tweak and tune DPI for your solution? We live in an open source world. From web servers, to mobile phones, to advanced IoT - open source runs the backbone of today's IT.

Reliability and Experience

Our cloud-based infrastructure has processed millions of service requests from hundreds of thousands of devices in the field. From firewalls and servers, to web cameras and security DVRs. And that's just today.

Knowledge and Support

We have experience in diving into network traffic and extracting network intelligence. That's what we do. We are here to provide support and our DPI expertise when you need it.

Supported Platforms

Integration and Custom Solutions

Do you have any questions about integration, APIs or custom development?

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