Netify and Open Source Cyber Fusion Centre

July 17, 2020

eGloo - the makers of Netify - is proud to be a part of the joint initiative with the Open-Source Cyber Fusion Center project. Thank you to all the researchers at Carleton University and Concordia University.

Concordia University

Netify's Data Drives Innovation and Machine Learning

In 2019, eGloo started a journey with research partners at Carleton and Concordia Universities. The goal: create an open-source Cyber Fusion Center to drive cybersecurity innovation using machine learning and advanced algorithms. Netify's deep packet inspection network data provided the genesis for some of the research coming out of this initiative. Among other advancements, our collaboration has provided a pathway to next generation network intelligence.

Here is an excerpt from the original announcement out of the Concordia University's Newsroom:

Ontario Centres of Excellence, Prompt Quebec and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada partnered to create the $3 million competition-based program to promote collaboration between academic research institutions and businesses.

The call for collaborative projects in the area of information communication technologies led to the genesis of the Open-Source Cyber Fusion Centre, a project that will provide companies with a wide array of tools and methodologies for cybersecurity.

The project is a joint initiative with Carleton University and two industrial partners, eGloo and AvanTech, all of which have recognized expertise in open-source software application programming interfaces (APIs) and technology stacks.

Concordia University's Announcement
Carleton University's Newsroom