Netify Agent Adds TPACKETv3 Support

October 7, 2022

Addition of TPACKETv3 support allows Netify to parallelize the process of capturing and analyzing packets, removing barriers in high bandwidth environments.


Netify agent now supports both pcap ad TPACKETv3 Packet Capture

eGloo announced today, support for a new method of packet capture for the open-source Netify agent. With the addition of TPACKETv3, the Netify Agent is now able to parallelize the process of capturing packets without requiring specialized hardware. Unlike other libraries for packet capture (ex. DPDK), TPACKETv3 does not require full access to the physical network interface and as a result, makes integration into existing environments much simpler. TPACKETv3 allows Netify to perform in environments that were previously impossible, such as VSAT downlink operators, aggregation trunks for SD-WAN and high-end edge devices.

Backwards compatibility using pcap continues to be an option and is suitable for environments that do not exceed sustained traffic greater than 1Gbps.

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