Netify App for Android/iOS Now Available

March 09, 2020

The Netify App for Android/iOS is now available. The development team is happy to announce the availability of the mobile Netify app for both Android and iOS.

Netify for Android/iOS

Beta Download Available

The Netify app is intended to be complimentary to the Netify Portal. It does not attempt to duplicate all of the information provided in the portal. Instead, the focus is primarily:

  • to provide an always-on client that can receive (and decrypt) alerts sent from the Netify Informatics platform
  • efficiently display essential information to users in real-time
  • play host to a crowd-sourcing initiative around increasing the application definitions

While the app is still in beta testing, it has few known issues and has proven to be very stable during early testing. We are seeking users feedback in order to prioritize new features that should be included in future releases.

The app is built to function on a wide variety of screen sizes, making it ideal for both mobile phones and tablets.

Feedback can be sent to