Netify for ClearOS Now Available

November 6, 2019

Netify is now available for ClearOS through the user-friendly ClearOS App Marketplace. If your organization deploys ClearOS as a firewall and gateway to the Internet, the Netify app and cloud service provides complete network traffic visibility and analysis.

Netify for ClearOS

Network Visibility for ClearOS

It's strange to think that your ISP, DNS provider, Google, Facebook and online marketers may know more than you about the networked devices and traffic patterns inside your organization. You likely have a more detailed report of your telephone calls than you do of your network and Internet traffic and yet traditional telephony has been dwarfed by Information Technology in terms of dependence, usage, security and importance. Netify's features will flip this imbalance, enabling organizations to make better, data-driven decisions that impact:

Netify is designed to scale - whether you're a single organization with one location, a distributed enterprise with dozens of locations across the country or an MSP managing hundreds of clients, a single Netify account can intuitively guide you through the management, analytics and display of any number of networks.

Let's Get Technical

ClearOS users tend to lean on the technical side, so let's shift gears and get down to the details. Netify on ClearOS is open source code. It is a Deep Packet Inspection engine that classifies and analyzes network flows in real-time. From there, Netify takes metadata and sends it to the cloud where infinitely more powerful analysis can be performed by integrating with 3rd party services, running Machine Learning models and normalizing the data to allow visual and tabular representations. What kind of metadata? The Netify DPI library captures typical NetFlow data and much more:

  • Application
  • Protocol
  • SSL cipher, SNI, Server CN etc.
  • Hostnames
  • Agent strings
  • GeoIP
  • Torrent hashes
  • DHCP fingerprints
  • and more

Netify is a cloud-based service, accessible via the client portal and our Informatics API (API Reference). There's a native companion app for Android and iOS that we are actively seeking early adopters to test and help direct our mobile roadmap. The app is focused more on real time status and alerts, Machine Learning training, crowd sourced application definitions etc.

Privacy First

At every step of the Netify development cycle, we have your security and privacy in mind. Deep Packet Inspection sounds intrusive, but it's actually not. Netify on ClearOS typically 'looks' inside only the first 5-10 packets of data. DPI cannot decrypt your encrypted communications. No SSL interception, no certificate deployment headaches, no breaking end-to-end encryption. We encourage you to learn more about Netify's privacy features.

What's Free, What's Not

The Netify agent is open source, licensed under the GPLv3 and the ClearOS Netify engine is a free app. In fact, you may have already installed it - the ClearOS Application Filter and Protocol Filter apps (both free) are powered by the Netify core library.

The Netify cloud-based service for ClearOS is a paid subscription service, starting at $25 per month. Subscription levels can be found on Netify's pricing page. A percentage of all revenue generated from the ClearOS ecosystem is shared with ClearCenter/ClearFoundation to further fund the development of ClearOS.