l7-filter: Similar But Different

At a high level, the netifyd software can be used to replace the functionality of l7-filter. However, the implementation is done quite differently In order to take advantage of more advanced network processing in the open source nDPI library.

  • Which devices are consuming the most bandwidth
  • Identify top mobile apps in use on the network
  • Geolocation reports

With l7-filter, packets were marked with user-specified numbers in netfilter/iptables. For example, let’s say an administrator wanted to force all DNS and SMTP traffic through a local server on the network, and block all DNS and SMTP traffic to external servers on the Internet. The administrator’s /etc/l7-filter.conf would look something like:

dns  3
smtp  4

The administrator would then configure the iptables firewall rules to block or shape traffic using the mark number. l7-filter would put itself right in the middle of traffic flow in order to mark packets.

Netifyd Features

  • Provides deep packet inspection powered by the open source nDPI engine
  • Detects over 160 protocols
  • Provides hooks for firewalling
  • Provides hooks for bandwidth and QoS
  • Generates network report data for Netify (optional)
  • Provides a small footprint for use in embedded systems
  • Implements network flow analysis

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